* All designs are original, unique, and unrepeatable. I am looking to create a piece adapted to each person’s concept and ideas. If you already have a graphic or design that you want to use, it can be considered to develop your piece. However, when scheduling, you agree to have it reinterpreted and adapted to fit my design aesthetic.

* If you do not have a very clear concept, I can help you clarify your ideas. It is easier for me to work with this format since I can explore the design more openly and freely, resulting in a custom made piece.

* By scheduling your appointment, you agree to give up 100% of creative freedom. This does not mean that you will get something that you do not want, but that you will be designed a unique piece, specifically adapted to your requirements and needs, interpreted and developed 100% by me.

* By submitting your application, you acknowledge to have read and agreed with all the previous information in the highlights of this account *

*Once your request has been reviewed, my team will contact you to schedule your appointment. Then, I will read all your information, through which I will reinterpret and develop your concept.

*You will be contacted by me to discuss your design and clarify any details before your appointment. Depending on the degree of complexity of your piece, we will consider the option of scheduling a face-to-face appointment by video call to discuss your design.

To book your session, you will be required to put down a 20% deposit from the total amount quoted. The creative process of your design begins when your session is booked, and the final design will be presented to you on the day of your appointment.

We will schedule enough time during your appointment to review the final design and discuss any changes and any necessary modifications. *** Under no circumstances will the design or progress be delivered before your appointment ***



On the 7th of the month (every two months) starting in February 2021 (e.g., February 7, April 7, June 7, etc.), the agenda for the two subsequent months will open @ 12:00pm (CST) Mexico City time.

Requests are reviewed and responded to only if submitted on the 7th. The rest of the time our messages are not being monitored. Please make sure to complete your application request with enough time to get it submitted by the deadline . 

Before sending your request, we ask you to review it to make sure it is organized in the clearest way, once it is ready you can send it to the DM of the following account.

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